Taking the bus for a walk!

Walkers of Hastings who rely on public transport to get to the meeting point, and home again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walk - Tuesday 22nd February - Winchelsea

This is basically a town walk, but will start off with a short country walk, so if it has been damp, maybe walking shoes and sticks (up to you).

If it is really pouring on the day is probably not worth the outing as there isn't an inside alternative.

Only eating place seems to be the pub, so hopefully will be fine enough to picnic. (The pub is lovely if you are prepared to splurge a little).

Did the recce today (8 Feb.) What a glorious day. Hope we have something similar on the 22nd.

The bus is the Wave 100, we will be on the bus that leaves the station at 15 past ten., bus stop F, arrives Pelham Place (BusStop U) about 5 minutes later. Go upstairs, you get a great view.

Bus home will probably be the one that leaves at 14.53


  1. Hello. I've been interested in your group since I saw your poster at a shop near Hastings Library.

    Did you go on this walk today? I got on the bus at the station but didn't see anyone. I walked around Winchelsea town for an hour and came back home.

    I hope to see you in the near future.

  2. Sparky - I am so sorry! When I was asked to postpone it, I considered going on my own, but as I had already done the recce, decided against it. All the members we knew about were contacted and advised early on Tuesday morning.

    Please email me on marijsak@gmail.com with your contact details so I can make sure you are notified. Or call in at the History House, 21 Courthouse Street in the Old Town (open 11 - 4 Thursday, Saturday & Sunday) and leave a message or speak to one of the volunteers there, most of whom are aware of the Hastings Strollers.