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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Streets and streams, meadows and woods

We were blessed with glorious weather when we set out on our walk on Tuesday. The company was good, the accumulated knowledge various and willingly shared. We walked uphill and down dale, rested in a field of buttercups, and finished at Eat in the Park.

And no one opted out!

Following a lead, we identified Butcher's Broom (
aka Box Holly, Broom, Jew's Myrtle, Knee Holly, Kneeholm, Pettigree, Sweet Broom)
growing in Summerfield Woods (whereupon I realised my daughter has it growing in her garden!) Following it up on the Internet, to make sure we were right, I discover that it is recognised as a herb, and has many curative properties.

Like holly and mistletoe, which it resembles, it has separate male and female plants. Flowers are succeeded by scarlet berries which remain through the winter and are often used like holly for room decorations. The name "butcher's broom" probably comes from the old-time practice of using bunches of the twigs tied together to scrub butcher's chopping blocks to remove grease.

Next walk

Pett Levels - Military Canal (3 miles) 27th July 2010

More details, including meeting points and public transport options, will appear here shortly.

See you there?

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