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Walkers of Hastings who rely on public transport to get to the meeting point, and home again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Next Walk - Tuesday, 23rd November - Bexhill Circular Walk

Where does the time go? This walk will not be recce'd, unless someone else volunteers to do so. (Due to tempus fugit!) May need some help interpreting directions at times!

The walk is about 6 miles and includes fields and farmland, hedgerow remains of ancient woodland, and maybe rock pools - need to check the tides!

Meeting time will be 10.30 on the forecourt at Bexhill Station, bus from Hastings is the 99, which leaves Hastings in Havelock Road (or the station) every 30 minutes. I will confirm and get back to you on the minutes past the hour!

*Have done so - see below


Buses: 99 Havelock Road (G) 09.55 Arrives 10.25
98 Havelock Road (G) 09.36 Arrives 10.17 (Goes all round the houses, but enjoyable on a pleasant day.)

Southern service from Ore to Brighton
10:14 Hastings [HGS] Bexhill [BEX] 10:23 0h 09m 0

10:26 Hastings [HGS] Bexhill [BEX] 10:35

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